Gilman Gear

Gilman Gear - the Leader in American Sports Equipment

Named for founder Marty Gilman, Gilman Gear is an innovative company that has led the sports equipment industry for more than nine decades. Gilman Gear is to football what Henry Ford is to automobiles and Naismith is to basketball.

In the early years of its operation, the company focused primarily on equipment for the football field. When Neil Gilman, the founder's son, took over the leadership of the company approximately 43 years ago, it began expanding its offerings.

The company now owns numerous patents and trademarks for products designed for sports such as lacrosse, basketball, wrestling, strength and conditioning and flag football. The company employs a Connecticut based workforce many of whom have specialized skills to craft the products that Gilman is famous for.. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company pivoted to manufacturing personal protective equipment including surgical and isolation gowns. The company re-tooled and ramped up its production of PPE to address the severe shortages that existed in the medical community..

Affiliated with professional organizations such as the American Football Coaches Association, Gilman Gear supports historically Black college football programs at North Carolina Central University, Morgan State University, Jackson State University and Winston Salem State University..


Gilman Gear